Phi Mu

University of Arkansas

– Alpha Beta –


Academics are very important to us in Phi Mu. Our sisters are members of multiple honor societies on campus such as Alpha Delta Lambda Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Society, and Gamma Beta Phi Honor Society. As a chapter, we offer several academic services such as tutors and study proctors for our sisters. 

Our academic excellence chairman, Annabelle Brock, dedicates her time in Phi Mu Alpha Beta towards the excellence and growth of our members. New programs are in place to ensure academic success in our new members who are transitioning into the college environment and to make sure they continue to strive for success and utilize what the chapter and university have to offer. We ended the Spring 2020 semester with a chapter grade point average of a 3.643!

Congrats to 145 of our members who received a 3.5 or higher GPA during the Spring 2020 Semester. A special congratulations to 116 of our members who earned a 4.0:

Alexander, Sam
Bach, Sidney
Boll, Sarah
Bolton, Liz
Bouwman, Kelsey
Brock, Annabelle
Brower, Annabelle
Campbell, Kalyn
Carter, Faith
Chadwick, Lauren
Cook, Addison
Craig, Emily
Crimmins, Lauren
Crump, Carlie
Dalby, Emma
Davis, Allison
Demers, Madi
Dorband, Allie
Earnshaw, Edee
Easterwood, Emma
Ellis, Morgan
Enmark, Erin
Falk, Hannah
Fancher, Mady
Fuoss, Kellan
Gables, Natalie
Gentile, Lexxy
Gilbert, Grace
Green, Tessa
Haldeman, Sydney
Hammes, Brynne
Hannan, Lauren
Harris, Hayley
Harris, Olivia
Harvey, Alex
Herod, Paxton
Hillemann, Logan
Hobbs, Kelsey
Hoemann, Sarah
Horton, Shelby
Houck, Lauren
Huffenberger, Brooke
Janovsky, Alexis
Johnson, Devyn
Jones, Tori
Kane, Kelsey
Kee, Maegan
Kellett, Tori
King, Savvy
Kleber, Makensy
Lasater, Maddie
Lindig, Rylie
Little, Flynn
Long, Molly
Lowe, Madeline
Luttrell, Carly
Lykins, Brooklyn
Maloney, Becca
Mayer, Olivia
Mayfield, Chloe
McCarter, Sadie
McDaniel, Marissa
McGough, Erin
Middleton, Emily
Moeller, Addison
Moeller, Regan
Morrison, Sydney
Mosman, Peyton
Naiser, Tori
Nall, Julia
O'Dwyer, Haley
Parker, Kendall
Parsons, Kennedy
Peters, Alli
Peterson, Evie
Pierce, Sydney
Pollmann, Lauren
Polyak, Emily
Ray, Rachel
Reese, Madison
Remigio, Hannah
Ritz, Hanna
Rogers, Parker
Rohde, Emma
Roth, Aly
Rowden, Paris
Ruopp, Kayla
Salonen, Daniela
Schade, Caitlyn
Schrader, Lauren
Selby, Makensie
Selner, Kate
Sisemore, Saylor
Smith, Lyndsey
Smithpeters, Raeghan
Sorge, Natalie
Spillman, Kayla
Stinson, Maddie
Stratton, Katie
Struck, Skylar
Thielges, Brooke
Tolar, Emily
Ver Woert, Amelia Verwoert
Vines, Jillian
White, Megan
Wickman, Tayler
Wilkins, Brooklyn
Williams, Landri
Zakovec, Jamie


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