Phi Mu

University of Arkansas

– Alpha Beta –

Executive Committee

Alexa Ruder


Hometown: Spring, Texas Major/Minor: Biology Minor: Psychology I serve as a liaison between our chapter and the University of Arkansas campus, as well as with our national headquarters. I oversee the operations of our chapter and executive committee. I am the best friend, mentor and support system to every member of our chapter. Why Phi Mu? I chose Phi Mu because of the confidence I saw radiating from the members of the chapter. They were all such strong women who carried themselves with kindness and compassion. I was immediately welcomed in, unconditionally for who I was. This stuck out to me, and I couldn’t see myself anywhere besides Phi Mu.

Taylor Edwards

Recruitment Director

Hometown: Paragould, Arkansas Major: Political Science Minor: Rhetoric and Writing Studies Position: I have a team of eight amazing women. We educate and prepare our members for all recruitment related events. We strive to recruit well rounded Phi Mu women. Why Phi Mu? Phi Mu has gifted me with supportive friends, devoted role models, and the opportunity to grow into the best version of myself. My love for this chapter continues to grow which inspired me to lead this chapter. I am passionate about expanding the growth and diversity of our chapter through the recruitment process. I am more than the Membership Director, I am a helping hand in a time of need and readily available to help our members at any given time.

Jazlyn Peace


Majors: Communications and PR Journalism Minor: Business Secretary (Recording and Corresponding Secretary) Position: I take care of attendance, prestige points and communication within the chapter. Why Phi Mu? I wanted to have a leadership position because I wanted to give back to the chapter that has given me so much. Being a Phi Mu at Alpha Beta has truly given me the most steadfast and genuine friendships, living in house I have seen there is always a smiling face and a friend no matter who it is at 792 W Maple.

Ellie Jurgensmeyer

New Member Educator

Hometown: Overland Park, Kansas Major: Psychology Position: I’m in charge of all things new member experience! From Bid Day on, I get to be with the new members aiding their transition into the chapter. I run the meetings, plan retreats and events, orchestrate Big Little, and make sure all the new members feel comfortable, happy, and loved! Why Phi Mu? I went Phi Mu because it was like a breath of fresh air during recruitment. Every conversation was easy going, yet we dove deep into what makes me me and who I want to be. I knew I was loved because of who I am, not who I know. I never wanted the conversations to end!!

Valentina Hall

Panhellenic Delegate

Hometown: Allen, Texas Major: International Business Position: I am a liaison with the Panhellenic Community and Phi Mu. I communicate future plans, events, and opportunities for involvement within other chapters. Why Phi Mu? I love Phi Mu because it has given me strong friendships, confidence in myself, and the opportunities to grow further in the chapter and my future.

Erin Enmark

Vice President of Chapter Development

Hometown:Oklahoma City, Ok Majors: Graphic Design/Art History Position: I am in charge of palling all chapter programing and presenting it to the chapter! I hot chapter meetings, plan with outside resources and communicate with all the positions in the chapter. With this I also oversee our sisterhood chair and the events she puts on! Why Phi Mu? I wanted to pursue a leadership position in phi mu because of the guidance older women gave to me when I first came to college. The women I have met through phi mu inspire me to be an advocate and push me to find the ways in which phi mu can be better.

Averee Hutson

Vice President of Operations

Hometown: Mountain Home, AR Major: Political Science on the Pre-Law Track Minor: Legal Studies Position: As Vice President of operations, I am able to work closely with the women on cabinet as well as those who hold appointed officer positions. I help oversee all events put on by the chapter, and officer advice when asked! Why Phi Mu? Phi mu has given me so much over the last few years: an incredible support system, countless opportunities, and a lifetime of memories. I never have to be someone I’m not, and I am forever grateful for everything Alpha Beta has given to me.

Faith Rossi


Howtown: Fort Smith, Arkansas Major: communication Sciences and disorders Minors: Spanish for the Professions, Marketing, and Human Development and Family Sciences Position: As the treasurer, I manage the financial affairs of the Alpha Beta chapter Why Phi Mu? Phi Mu has blessed me in so many more ways than I could have imagined when I went through recruitment a couple years ago. I rushed hoping to find the "lifelong friends" that everyone talks about, and Phi Mu has undoubtedly given me that, but also so much more. It has given me the sense of home and comfort amid the craziness of college life, the kind of memories I can't wait to tell my grandchildren one day, the opportunity to grow as a leader, and so much more. I am forever thankful to Phi Mu for my best friends that I know will be by my side through the thick and thin, and for an unforgettable collegiate experience.

Kathryn Niestoeckel

Academic Chair

Hometown: Shreveport, LA Major: Psychology Minor: Child Services Position: The Academic Excellence Chairwoman assists sisters in their academic performance by motivating and providing available resources both within Phi Mu and on the University of Arkansas campus. Why Phi Mu?: I love Phi Mu Alpha Beta because this chapter has continuously given me so much to be grateful for. From experiences and opportunities that have allowed me to grow as an individual & leader, to creating lifelong friendships that I hold so dear to my heart, Phi Mu has been the source of my greatest joys in my college career.

Peyton Mosman

Honor Chairman

Hometown: Dallas TX Major:Psychology Minor: Social Service Position:I am the “honor” in love, honor truth! When girls are struggling, they use me as a resource to help ensure their academic, financial, and social wellbeing. Why Phi Mu? I love phi mu because the women in our chapter support me unconditionally, and always tell me what I need to hear.

Mia Gaines

Director of Harm and Risk Prevention

Hometown; Wynne, AR Major; Communication Sciences and Disorders Minors: Human Development and Family Sciences and Child Advocacy Position: My job is to ensure the safety and mental health of all chapter members! why serve on phi mu; this is my second year serving on the executive board for Alpha Beta and it is one of the best things that has happened to me! I have grown so much as a leader and as a person. Why Phi Mu? Phi Mu is my home and I love helping my sisters feel like its home too!!

Anna Wilt

House Manager

Hometown: Tyler, TX Major: Public Health on the Pre-Pharmacy Track Position: I am the Property Chairwoman/House Manager, I’m in charge of everything that goes on within the Mu Mansion. Specifically, I work with Momma D, Chef Des, and other members in the chapter to ensure that everything runs smoothly in the house. Why Phi Mu? I went Phi Mu for so many reasons. Going into recruitment, I already loved Phi Mu because my mom is a Phi Mu. My love for Phi Mu only increased as I talked to the members of Alpha Beta. Every conversation was intentional and felt easy. I realized that the members of Phi Mu Alpha Beta were kind, strong, and unique women who would challenge me to grow as a person and as a leader. I am forever thankful that I went Phi Mu!

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