Phi Mu

University of Arkansas

– Alpha Beta –

Recruitment Team

Taylor Edwards

External Membership Recruitment Director

Hometown: Paragould, Arkansas Major: Political Science Major Minor: Rhetoric and Writing Studies Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? Phi Mu has gifted me with supportive friends, devoted role models, and the opportunity to grow into the best version of myself. My love for this chapter continues to grow which inspired me to lead this chapter. I am passionate about expanding the growth and diversity of our chapter through the recruitment process. I am more than the Membership Director, I am a helping hand in a time of need and readily available to help our members at any given time.

Kelly Brooks

Senior Assistant

Hometown: Dallas, TX Major: Public Health Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I came to the University of Arkansas with no friends from my hometown. I was excited to go through sorority recruitment to meet new people, make new friends, and have my own college experience. I absolutely loved going through recruitment as a PNM. I loved going into each house, meeting their members, and getting to have unique conversations with every new person I met. I fell in love with Phi Mu during Philanthropy round as I have a passion for both health care and children. The close connection this chapter has with Children’s Miracle Network Hospital right here in NWA was super important to me. My love for Phi Mu grew further and further each day I was invited back. Walking into Phi Mu each day I felt that each member truly cared about me as a person. Phi Mu was a place I felt I was welcomed on bad days as much as the good days. On bid day, I was fortunate enough to get to run home to the house and the members I fell so deeply in love with that week. Through choosing Phi Mu and continuing to choose Phi Mu everyday, I have met my best friends and the people I know will stand by me for the rest of my life. Phi Mu has provided me with numerous opportunities to grow personally, through my education, and professionally. I am so thankful to serve on the recruitment team to welcome and love the PNM’s coming in just as I felt loved coming into the house each day of recruitment as a PNM.

Miranda Nelson

Junior Assistant

Hometown: Fayetteville, AR Major: Biochemistry on the Pre-Medical Track Minor: Spanish and Business Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? During recruitment, Phi Mu was always the place that I felt like I could be myself. I didn’t feel compelled to be someone else in order fit in here. I felt so comfortable at Alpha Beta and I could see it being my forever home, and looking back it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Logan Martin

Open Conversation Round Chair

Hometown: Shreveport, LA Major: Communication Disorders Minor: Human Development and Family Sciences Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I went Phi Mu because during recruitment week, I was welcomed with open arms by every member I talked to, and saw the love they had for each other. I knew I wanted to be a part of this sisterhood because they truly valued me and wanted to see me grow and succeed.

Kristen Fish

Philanthropy Round Chair

Hometown: Frisco, TX Major: Nursing Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I went Phi Mu because I felt the most comfortable during rush and even to this day. I can walk into any room with a Phi Mu knowing I’m not alone. The friendships I have made resemble all the qualities I have ever wanted, such as trust, loyalty, support, and happiness. Being able to know I’m supported by at least 400 girls in college is a feeling I would have never gotten if I didn’t go Phi Mu.

Caroline Schade

Sisterhood Round Chair

Hometown: Columbia, MO Major: Marketing Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I felt like I could relate to a lot of women and knew that I could meet my true friends here. I’ve been able to make so many special friendships with people I know will always have my back. Alpha Beta has a truly genuine and unique sisterhood, and my memories at 792 W Maple are ones I will cherish always.

Isabel Abio

Preference Round Chair

Hometown: Austin, TX Major: Business Marketing Minor: Human Development and Family Sciences Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I went Phi Mu because it was the place where I felt the most supported in every aspect. Whether I had similar or different goals as the girls I talked to, they made it clear I would be supported and become the best version of myself. Phi Mu continues to be my support system to this day and remain the best decision I have ever made.

Claire Worthington

Recruitment Public Relations Assistant

Hometown: Shawnee, KS Major: Public Health Minor: General Business Why Phi Mu Alpha Beta? I went Phi Mu because it was the place that I consistently felt like I could be myself and the place I felt the most at home! I have never felt more validated or excited running home to the Alpha Beta lawn on bid day, these women will undoubtedly be my best friends forever and future bridesmaids.

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